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These days German snowboarder Jonel Fricke spends most of his days hunting down powder and creative lines in the backcountry of the mountains that surround Innsbruck. By the looks of this short edit from the Bispingen Snow Dome, located south of Hamburg, Jonel's rail skills are still as sharp as ever!
Jukka Tyni is one to watch. Combining a fearless approach to freestyle riding in the park and the streets with a faultless style is what Jukka does best. We're confident that it won't be long before you start seeing a lot more of this rising-star from Finland.
Isosyöte resort is situated almost 100km inland from the coastal city of Oulu. It's cold, offers 200m of vertical (which is mountainous by Finnish standards) and has one of the best snowparks in Scandinavia. So it's no surpirse that Finnish shredder Jukka Tyni likes to shred his pocketknife there.
Whitelines voted the Pocketknife one of their top 40 snowboards of the 1013/14 winter season. It's freestyle specific geometry was tested to submission in the magazine's annual spring board test.

Dash Kamp "Bow Down"

Yesterday Dash dropped his latest edit on the unsuspecting snowboarding public. With comments like "Bomb Bomb", "Yee. Too sick" and "lame pants" from viewers, we had no idea what to expect. Turns-out like every edit Dash puts out there, it's good.
Last week French Ambush team rider Julien Vilmin made the journey from his home in the Pyrenees to the Spanish city of Madrid for the Spanish leg of Volcom's Peanut Butter Rail Jam. 3rd place and 150 Euros probably made the trip worthwhile!
Amplid has teamed-up with premier online shred magazine Snowstoked to run a contest for an Amplid Pocketknife snowboard. Get your creative hat on and head over to Snowstoked to find out more about the contest.
Cartel National rider Markus Haka's hometown of Oulu lies only 100km south of the Artic Circle. Unfortunately, the weather in the north of Finland is anything but arctic right now. So for now it's slushy laps on Rusko's yellow snow for Markus and his Pocketknife.

The Hotel Lifestyle

You'll often hear top pros complaining about living out of their board bag. The life of travelling from mountain range to mountain range, across the globe with uncomfy hotel beds night after night. French Ambush rider Julien Vilmin is the opposite, he makes the most of Hotel visits!
The Nike Street Style contest took place in Breckenridge, Colorado last Friday. Cartel team rider Dash Kamp was there with his urban assualt weapon, the Amplid Pocketknife, to cut-up some urban features. Wtach the edits here.
What happens when you mix the raw urban shredding skills of J-Norm with one of the North West's most exciting film making talents? Click on the link and see for yourself!
It's review season, the time of year when ski and snowboard magazines release the list of the shreds that have most impressed them at their spring gear tests. The Pocketknife is new to the Amplid snowboard line for 2013 and is already making a good impression on media.


Check out our September ad which we will be running, featuring ARC rider Justin Norman ...
Jonny P’s name might get you thinking of an early 70′s DJ with a handlebar mustache and Vinyl collection littered with Cat Stevens, but in fact Jonny is one the UK’s hottest up-and-coming rail riding talents. To further his skills, Jonny spent four weeks this summer instructing at the Folgefonna glacier in Norway. With a [...]
For most Europeans summer’s a time for sipping Mojitos on the beach and enjoying the long evenings. Not for UK Ambush rider Jonny Pickup who made the pilgrimage to Norway’s summer snowboard paradise Folgefonna for a quick fix of the white stuff. While he was there Jonny hooked-up with the Mushroom crew and bagged some [...]

Pickup a Pocketknife

When UK Ambush rider Jonny Pickup destroyed his Declaration on the final day of the Mayrhofen season, it was touch and go whether he’d have a board for Springbreak, the UK snowboard scene’s end of season shindig. To Jonny’s suprise Amplid’s head honcho Peter Bauer showed-up at the Kaunertal Glacier with a 13/14 150 Pocketknife [...]
Apparently Thursdays are supposed to be the best days for blog and social media posts, so we’ve kept this insanely good edit back to drop it on the day it deserves. Filmer Blake Kimmel was sent down to hang-out with Cartel rider Justin Norman for 4 days by Justin’s clothing sponsor Jiberish. In this edit [...]