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They See Me Trollin Ep.3

Terminal Amateur status is a terrible affliction for any wannabe ski pro. In the latest episode of They See Me Trollin’, Steve Stepp heads to Colorado to find-out what the life of a pro is all about, loses his long time outerwear sponsor and puts himself forward for pioneering surgery in a final, desperate bid [...]

Steve Challenged to SKATE

When Steve picked up the Saga Team phone how could he know that a couple of days later he’d bump into that same caller and be challenged to a game of SKATE. Still at AM status and with nothing to lose Steve accepted Breck local Boo Strachan’s challenge, little did he know Boo would turn [...]

Evil Water

Ever wondered about the harmful effects drinking energy drinks can have on your health? Quit worrying, over the past couple of months Steve’s been busy running a series of highly technical experiments to determine how damaging these energy drinks are. And his findings? It’s not energy drinks that you need to be wary of it’s [...]

They See Me Trollin’ Ep.1

Steve told us he’d been working on a top secret video project which he said we’d be “stoked on”. Well to be honest Steve, you’ve surpassed yourself; this is truly the most disappointing video we’ve ever seen. Please get to the gym immediately and do some reps… remember more medals less fictional quotes please Steve.