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Bavaria’s Freeski-Crew just realeased the trailer for their Fall 2013 release STAMMTISCH (which if you’re interested in German means a table at a bar where the regulars drink). Shot and directed by Marinus Höflinger and featuring the riding of Amplid Ambush riders Felix Althammer, Jürgen Nigg and Chris Graf amoungst others, the impressive trailer really [...]

Restless in Whistler

The latest news from German Ambush rider Christian Graf is that ‘Restless’, a short film he was involved with for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival, took the Best Film Award and People’s Choice Award netting director Leo Zuckerman a cool $16,000. Shot in and around Whistler in 7 days, this short film masterpiece was [...]

The Lexington Goes Hardpack

When your park skis aren’t mounted and you’re dying to hit one of Austria’s pres-season glacier parks, there’s only one thing for it… dust off the Lexington’s and get shredding? German Ambush rider Chris Graf is awarded the “Riskiest Way To Start Your Season Award” after taking his 130mm waisted pow weapons up to the [...]

The Blackcomb Saga Continues

Mach 10 slams, house sized cliffs and switch powder landings… it can only be March’s installment of the Blackcomb Story series. If you need evidence that the Lexington is THE ski for big mountain freestyle and slashy pow turns and that it can handle the odd tree that gets in the way, Ambush rider Chris [...]
We’re four episodes into the Blackcomb Story and it keeps getting better (or worse depending on how much/little powder you’ve had this winter). February looked like a great month for catching fresh lines in Whistler’s backcountry and of course Ambush rider Chris Graf and the rest of the crew were well out of bounds making [...]
Europe’s having the best season for snow in years, yet Whistler still has to do a couple of meters better! German Ambush rider Chris Graf emailed across the latest episode of the series he is creating with buddies Flo Goeller and Daniel Gassner, The Blackcomb Story. While Dani is content honing his park skills, Chris [...]

Godfather Harry J.

Here comes the badest crew, bad as bad can be: Felix Althammer, Teammanager Harald Juen (green jacket), new team entry Jürgen Nigg, Christian Graf and Andi Nitsche after their photoshoot in O’gau, bavarian alpes. Harry has been convincing austrian photographer Felix Pirker to freeze those guys on his smart cards. The result of the photoshoot you [...]