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Enjoy the FREESKI CREW’s latest movie DYNAMITE, featuring our ambush riders Fex Althammer and Juergen Nigg, and obviousl ythe rest of the rocking freeski crew !
Make sure you don’t miss the ONE LOVE premier in Reith im Winkl,  November 19th – lots of free amplid schwag will be thrown into the crowds – plus obviously you get to see our ambush riders Jürgen Nigg and Fex Althammer – on the screen and at the bar. More info HERE !


TMSBPTP a.k.a. “The Mountain Shall Bring Peace To The People” featuring ambush guys Fex Althammer and Juergen Nigg made it all the way into the final selection of the IF3 festival in Montreal. Watch the trailer here and now !
Little flick by Pius Schneider featuring Fex Althammer and friends, jibbing a slushy day at Kaunertal glacier last weekend.
Heise, Fex and friends riding concrete at the skatepark in Bad Tölz: “Skateboard Sundays” – check it out !


Check out the Freeski Crew’s website, with lots of blog entries, videos, announcements etc. … Have a backstage look  at the dark side of ambush riders Jürgen Nigg and Fex Althammer. Get to see moments of freeskiing you didn’t even though they’d exist. Right HERE !


A fresh midseason pretrailer by the freeski crew, featuring ARC riders Fex Althammer and Jürgen Nigg. And friends of course. Nice trailer with a cool rastafarian audio ident – also looking back to one of the most terrible months human mankind went through: March 2011, with all its natural disasters and political conflict. One should [...]

Godfather Harry J.

Here comes the badest crew, bad as bad can be: Felix Althammer, Teammanager Harald Juen (green jacket), new team entry Jürgen Nigg, Christian Graf and Andi Nitsche after their photoshoot in O’gau, bavarian alpes. Harry has been convincing austrian photographer Felix Pirker to freeze those guys on his smart cards. The result of the photoshoot you [...]

Observed Through the Fence

As long as you can choose on which side of the fence you are standing, such a limitation may add creative aspects to ones perspectives. This observation has been made by Florian Breitenberger. The object: Fex Althammer flying over a massive kicker in Kaltenbach, Austria. Nice !
Felix Althammer and Jürgen Nigg on their Antidogmas, being groovy – visually and accustically !!!

RnD Never Stops

Here comes Fex Althammer, throwing a warm-up-style SW5 over an Ehrwald kicker to get used to his new PROVOKE. He is riding a 2011-12 prototype, trying to break it. Test negative so far :-) ! You’ll hear more about our true true true twin coming up. And hopefully also from Fex in the near future.


We are back, straight from the Penken-Park at Mayrhofen. With Felix Althammer & friends …
Riding the 2012 PROVOKE … one of our new skis coming for the next season !

Kicker Sharing

… is so damn social ! Here comes Fex, followed by Heise, couple of days ago up at Hintertux glacier. A privat spinning fest.


Last year’s footage, this week’s edit: Fex riding the Burton Park at Spitzingsee, Germany.