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Bavarian Barn Secrets

Ever wondered what that big barn-like structure on the back of Bavarian/Austrian farmhouses is? It would be easy to make the classic mistake of believing that useless things like feed for livestock and farm machinery are stored in this mystery depot during the cold, snow covered winter months. Ambush homie Heise sent Amplid HQ a [...]

Spring in Spitzingsee

What happens when you cram a bus load of Amplid Ambush riders into Amplid HQ’s local shred spot? Freestyle mayhem where nothing and nobody is safe. Park jumps, liftline rails and even an innocent bystander’s leg, it all get’s jibbed by Fex, Heisä, Beni, Michael, Luggi, Toni and Basti. Watch the Dude’z Team see-off the [...]

HEISE: Bavarian Blues Rap

OK, you guys might be wondering why we would post a Nitro video on our blog …!? Well, besides the fact that we’re really good friends with the Nitroids, we wanted to make sure that you don’t miss out on this one: Our teamrider Stefan “Heise” Markhauser, doing a cultural-melting-pot-like-blues-rap on Marc Swoboda and his [...]
Heise, Fex and friends riding concrete at the skatepark in Bad Tölz: “Skateboard Sundays” – check it out !
By the homies for the homies! Straight out of the Heise shredpark in secrethausen!


OK, let’s see – the sled has no gas, the ramp is too slow, let’s check how we can get that bitch speeding us up … How does that work again …? Here you go … Photoshoot at Heise Park, a couple of days ago … :-)
Almost: Here comes Kev Mills’ backyard park. UK-ex-pat Kev is spending his winter in Mayrhofen, shaping the park up at Penken. But Kev can’t stop: At night he pulls out his DOPAMINE again and keeps on bonking rails, barrels and beer cans in his garden. A couple of features more and Heise will need an [...]


Heise, Andy Da Zizzla and Basti Huber on their constant search for the next level riding. Where ? In Heise’s backyard, where else …
Heise is back. Well, he’s never been away. The snow has been though. After the first serious dump almost all trannies are up and smooth. A couple of new features and mega light bulbs. And: A new thing which makes gravity a useless factor when needed for “acceleration”: A bungee cord. More details soon …

Kicker Sharing

… is so damn social ! Here comes Fex, followed by Heise, couple of days ago up at Hintertux glacier. A privat spinning fest.


In case you ever thought Heise won’t leave his private park – he has been ripping up at Whistler all summer long, enjoying the set up at the Camp of Champs. Heise and his Dopamine, droppin’ iiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn … Photo courtesy of Fishi.


Heise goes Canada. In fact he is a hoser himself. Check out the full camp coverage on the euro riders here … Photo by Mugl, Courtesy of PLEASURE MAG.


Just in case you’ll be hanging out at Whistler (Camp of Champs) in June or Hood (Windell’s) in July, you might have the chance to run into Heise. Any question on “How to turn your moms’s garden into the world’s best railpark” ? Do not hesitate to ask him …


I guess you haven’t seen Heise’s park in the summer yet. There hasn’t been any reason for it actually. Until now: The one and only Amplid’s own ARC maypole has been planted by Heise, Peter Ortmann, Ingo I.O.U. and buddies. All that accompanied with a severe BBQ and Augustiner beer. Yeah, welcome to May 2010.


The one and only A.R.C. own RnD Lab.


Well, not Heise himself. His park is. Check out Basti’s blog for the daily progress. Parkbuilding never stops, just like RnD.
It’s that time of the year again. The summer is ending and all the filmmakers come crawling out of their editing dungeons to present what they’ve been working on all summer. On September 18th it’s our turn. Not only will we be screening our newest movie “Let’s Go Get Lost” for the first time ever, [...]


The A.R.C. lab !!! Yeah !!!
Tom made it all the way from Salt Lake City, following the myth of Amplid’s RnD Lab a.k.a. “Heise Park”. The original plan of a BBQ jam session has been destroyed by bad weather (=rain !!!). A stoked Tom and an even more stoked Heise are waiting for clear sky, perhaps tomorrow … Heise: “We [...]
Seen the latest issue of PLEASURE MAG yet ? Well, then get that right now and read the feature on Heise a.k.a. Heisä and his private park. Haven’t seen our RnD lab yet ? You can check here how it looked 4 weeks ago, but note that there are new obstacles every day… The A.R.C. [...]

The A.R.C. in the RnD

Wikipedia: “The phrase research and development (also R and D or, more often, R&D), according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, refers to “creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of (hu)man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge [...]


A.R.C. rider Heise is a farmer boy. But not one of those hick or red neck kind of guys. He is a guy with vision. With a feeling for what it takes to push jibbing onto the next level. And: He’s got a couple of hectars, which lie fallow during the frosty winter months. Heise’s [...]


Heise and his homepark – on the current issue of Italy’s SNOWBOARDER Magazine. You haven’t seen his park yet? Well, then get that mag …