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Dachstein Day Out

The Freeski-Crew has a reputation for bringing Bavarian/Austrian culture into their shred edits. With the release of the trailer for their new flick STAMMTISCH this week which was jam packed with Laderhosen most will have thought they’d met their cultural quota for the summer. But you’d be wrong, because what better music to accompany the [...]
Bavaria’s Freeski-Crew just realeased the trailer for their Fall 2013 release STAMMTISCH (which if you’re interested in German means a table at a bar where the regulars drink). Shot and directed by Marinus Höflinger and featuring the riding of Amplid Ambush riders Felix Althammer, Jürgen Nigg and Chris Graf amoungst others, the impressive trailer really [...]

Foggy Felhorn Fun

Doesn’t matter if it’s bluebird conditions or foggy whiteout you’ll find Juergen Nigg and the Freeski-Crew up on the hill stacking footage for their annual movie release. The B-roll edits they put together capture the fun and progression of every day riding with the Freeski-Crew and make you just want to head up on the [...]
German Ambush rider Jürgen Nigg made the finals of last week’s Blue Tomato Rail Jam at Munich’s Olympic Park. In the final he managed to land on the double kink with his chest breaking two ribs put on a positive note he got this killer photo. Jürgen told us he’ll be good to ride within [...]


Enjoy the FREESKI CREW’s latest movie DYNAMITE, featuring our ambush riders Fex Althammer and Juergen Nigg, and obviousl ythe rest of the rocking freeski crew !

Amplid Doppel-Pager

Amplid is taking over the freeski world; if you need proof, check-out this double page hit from the latest edition of Skiing Mag. On page 102 and 103 (the premium pages in the magazine I might add) you’ll find Teddy Berr and Juergen Nigg hucking their meat for the local paparazi. Here are the close-ups… [...]

Juergen Nigg Coverboy

Cover shots are few and far between even for the Tanner Halls and Shaun Whites of the world, so hats-off to German Ambush rider Jürgen Nigg who recently scored the cover of The Ski Jornal. The stunning shot was taken in the Bavarian Alps not far from Amplid HQ, overlooking lake Chiemsee by photographer Roman [...]
Featuring Ambush riders Fex Althammer, Jürgen Nigg, the entire Freeski Crew, naked men on sleds,and a lot more. DYNAMITE a movie simply from riders for riders – showing you what we love to do! Getting creative on urbanstuff, sniffling powder in the Alps and British Columbia or simply catch some air on big booters. No [...]
The days are longer, the sun is baking and Mayrhofen’s Penken park is soft and slushy… it must be spring! Austrian Ambush team manager Harry J dropped this banging edit of Ambush rider Jürgen Nigg making the most of forgiving conditions and dismantling the Penken jib line piece by piece, with more style than Prince [...]
This is austrian ambush man Juergen Nigg, flying over lake Chiemsee, Bavaria. Photo courtesy of Roman Lachner, SKIING MAG.
Make sure you don’t miss the ONE LOVE premier in Reith im Winkl,  November 19th – lots of free amplid schwag will be thrown into the crowds – plus obviously you get to see our ambush riders Jürgen Nigg and Fex Althammer – on the screen and at the bar. More info HERE !

RnD Never Stops

… within the ARC. Here comes Jürgen Nigg at the Penken park, trying to abuse his abuse base technology. Without success. This is success! Right on J. !


It’s a foggy day in London town … well not only: Austrian ARC scientists Harry Juen and Jürgen Nigg have spent the last couple of days up at the Dachstein Glacier, testing Amplid’s new Provoke true twin skis. It’s quite easy: If the edge isn’t worn out after approx. 500 miles of rail grinding, that [...]

Slushy Spring Time @ Serfaus

Ambush riders Harry aka “da Shuffle”, Jürgen “J” Nigg and buddyWilly Hendel shreddin sunny/corny/slushy Serfaus.


Check out the Freeski Crew’s website, with lots of blog entries, videos, announcements etc. … Have a backstage look  at the dark side of ambush riders Jürgen Nigg and Fex Althammer. Get to see moments of freeskiing you didn’t even though they’d exist. Right HERE !


A fresh midseason pretrailer by the freeski crew, featuring ARC riders Fex Althammer and Jürgen Nigg. And friends of course. Nice trailer with a cool rastafarian audio ident – also looking back to one of the most terrible months human mankind went through: March 2011, with all its natural disasters and political conflict. One should [...]

Godfather Harry J.

Here comes the badest crew, bad as bad can be: Felix Althammer, Teammanager Harald Juen (green jacket), new team entry Jürgen Nigg, Christian Graf and Andi Nitsche after their photoshoot in O’gau, bavarian alpes. Harry has been convincing austrian photographer Felix Pirker to freeze those guys on his smart cards. The result of the photoshoot you [...]
Welcome Jürgen Nigg from Austria. Jürgen is a Ehrwald local (Tirol) and will represent badly on his new Antidog’s – watch out for that fresh kid !