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Spring Touring

For most the ski season ends when the last lifts wind down for the season, but for ski tourers the fair weather and low avalanche risk make May a prime month for ski touring. Last weekend Ambush rider Morgan Sauerwald took his new Ego Trip Evolutions for a test run in the Mont Blanc Massif.

Day Trippin'

This week, with fresh snowfalls and sunny weather, French Ambush riders Nico Antony and Morgan Sauerwald ventured deep into the backcountry to a secret spot called "La Sambuy". They were greeted with perfect conditions and incredible terrain.
The snow in France right now is pretty good, but that hasn't stopped our French team riders from crossing the boarder for freshies. Last week part-time blogger, full time powder junkie Morgan Sauerwald and his buddies Popo and Pierrot crossed to La Thuile, Italy for the good stuff.
Both North America and Europe have been enjoying very early snowfalls, for splitboarders and ski tourers it's been open season. French Ambush rider Morgan Sauerwald and his Ego Trips have been busy poaching October goods.

Chamonix Couloirs in May

The general opinion at the end of April was that the 12/13 winter season in Europe was one to remember; not only because of the amount of snow, but also because of how long it stuck around. Little did we know that a week from June, French Ambush riders Nicolas Antony and Morgan Sauerwald would [...]

Trippin’ in Sainte Foy

Since presenting the Ego Trip to the A.R.C. in December the Ego Trip has become the most coveted shred weapon in the ski rack for our more freeride focused team riders. Knowing a spot or two where a superlight big mountain ski will feel right at home, French Ambush rider Morgan Sauerwald took his pair [...]


Morgen Sauerwald doing green propaganda in France, by holding his recycled AMPLID GREEN LIGHT FAT SKI base towards Julien’s lense.

Morgan dans Skieur Mag

Part -time French Ambush rider, full-time powder junkie Morgan Sauerwald got a shot and profile in the latest issue of French ski rag Skieur. France has had some incr0yable early season conditions, perfect for Morgan to line-up some more monster drops and gnarly pillow lines, so expect to see a few more shots of Morgan [...]
After a busy winter of getting radical all over the French Alps, Ambush skier Morgan Sauerwald has just got back from a few days of randonnee (that’s ski touring to you and I) with a couple of friends in the Beaufortain region of the French Alps. Based at the “La Coire” refuge, Morgan and company [...]

Chamonix Ice Lab Pt.2

The European Alps has one of the best seasons in recent memory and all our French Ambush riders can think of is riding ice! I think Xavier De Le Rue might have started a bit of a trend amoung his countrymen when he won the trick of the year at this year’s Riders Poll Awards. [...]
Excuse  my french, but: “Prenons le temps de skier” ou comment vivre une belle descente de fin de journée à la Sambuy.” Spot: La Sambuy Run: Le Banc de la Linguale Skieur: Ambush Rider Morgan Sauerwald “Morgan Sauerwald” is such a rad name. It always reminds me of either a brit veteran car, or some [...]
Nice POV’s in awesome conditions. Winter is here. Yes.
French ambusher Morgan Sauerwald enjoying the french alpes – without snow !!!


Or is the hip blue? Actually it’s the ass anyway. Morgan Sauerwald’s, our ambush rider from France. Hitting a rock during a photoshoot. Ouch.