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Windells 2012 Recap

Blue skys, sun, slushy parks and Cobra Dogs, what’s not to love about Summer Camp? Windells put together a little montage of the best clips from last summer. Of course, a best of Windells edit without J-Norm is like Cobra Dog without the Cobra. Skip to 5:10 for Justin’s clips.

Dash Does Rails

You won’t be suprised to hear that Amplid’s new Cartel Team signing Dash Kamp wanted to test Amplid’s boards before signing with the brand. So this summer Dash took a handful of our decks upto Mt Hood and put them through their paces. Saga TV was there to catch Dash checking the on-rail shred-ability of [...]
I think it’s fair to say that it has been a good summer for Amplid riders at Windells, Mt. Hood. In one of the last edits of the summer months Amplid Cartel rider Steve Stepp and his buddies from his clothing sponsor SAGA shred the Windells slush tearing-apart all sorts of transitions, jibs and rails.

Windells Session 6

Here’s more of full-time Amplid wonder shredder and part time Windells digger Justin (J-Norm) Norman in the Windells Session 6 recap video slaying those jibs and rails. Oh and there’s more of that top secret board shape that we don’t know anything about… so don’t ask. All this talk of snow and it’s 35 degrees [...]
If you’ve spent the summer at Windells at Hood before, you’ll know what part-time digger full-time ripper J-Norm is capable of on a snowboard. If you haven’t seen him ride, sit back, click full screen and watch the jib master destroy Windells. Oh and in-case you were wondering, Justin rides the Dopamine.
I’d call it the “Hood-ALL-STARS-EDIT”: Extra shots from the summer at Mount Hood 2011. Featuring: Maks Gorham, Dale Talkington, Ben Moxham, Parker White, Chris Logan, Nick Martini, Matt Walker, LJ Strenio, Nick Keefer, Jeff Kiesel, Will Berman, Sean Jordan, Noah Albaladejo, Dane Tudor, Tim McChesney, ARC rider Luka Melloni & more.  Fun edit, enjoy it. [...]

JNorm back 5 @ Mt Hood