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Ever wondered what it’s like to be mid-way through a McTwist in slushy La Plagne whilst riding next year’s Amplid Paradigma? It’s pretty damn confusing, so that’s why we got French Ambush rider Yannick Pebrel to film it in slow motion and put together a montage. You get a good look at next year’s 159 [...]

JNorm Talking Shop

We posted this edit of Windells legend, Amplid Cartel team rider Justin Norman slaying the Windells set-up earlier in the year… of course if you haven’t seen it, go widescreen and get watching, Justin kills it. No, the reason for this blog post is an interview with Justin about his season so far, a recent [...]
Listen to what others say: “The Amplid Paradigma is advertised as one of the most versatile boards on the planet. Unfortunately I can’t approve that yet, as I wasn’t able to hit either park or pow with it. But what I can approve is it’s fantastic behaviour on groomers. The Paradigma held an stable edge [...]