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Vorarlberg Huckfest

Big dumps of fresh snow have been falling at regular intervals in the European Alps this winter replenishing bombed-out kicker landings and providing the perfect training ground for aerial antics. Amplid Ambush rider Simon Guenther has been making the most of perfect snow and clear blue skys by hucking his meat off this uber flip [...]

Home with Simon Guenther

During last season Amplid Ambush rider Simon Guenther emailed across a few stunning images of cliff drops and some gorgeous black and white spine airs. Everyone at Amplid was wondering if we’d get to see any video footage from these sessions.. well that was until today, when German Ambush TM Andi Nitsche fired-over Simon’s and [...]


Superman backflips do though. Like this one from ambush rider Simon Guenther. Frozen in Damüls the other day, by Uta Gischas.


  That photo really gets it to the point: the season in the alps has been sick, and will be sick for another couple of months. Ambusher Simon Günther dropping a cliff up at Warth, Arlberg – spinning his HiDef like if there is no tomorrow. Right on, that’s the way it’s gotta be. Photo [...]
… about 5 mins before the resort closed for good this season, it was time for Simon Günther to pull a nice and late  Bs7 Rodeo Japan. Late in all its meanings. Photo by Janis Weidner

Rare Resource a.k.a. POWDER

Ambush rider Simon Günther has found rare resource a.k.a. POWDER, built a kicker and used that treasure as a pillow for his landing. With that safety he might as well stick it onto concrete man made snow. BS 5, shot by Janis Weidner. Secret spot in Damüls, Austria.
Ambush rider Simon Günther, trying to tame that bitch of a kicker with a smooth BS5 up at Diedamskopf in Austria.
Nachdem der diesjährige Urlaub auf der alten Mühle nur einwöchig geplant war, fiel der Termin auf die Woche vor Silvester. Schneetechnisch sieht es da ja eigentlich immer relativ beschissen aus, wir haben aber trotzdem versucht was draus zu machen und haben einige sehr spaßige Tage am Berg verlebt. Die ersten 2 Tage an denen wir [...]
… shooting Benny Deeg during a spring backcountry session, privat kicker, secret place, somewhere in Austria.
This BS 7 Rodeo happenend 2 months ago, but we still thought we’ll post it since it’s an awesome pic: Simon Günther sticking it in Damüls, shot by Janis Weidner.


… impressing the judges, the judges, the judges, the judges …! Photo: Janis Weidner / Chill & Destroy
… as shown by ambush rider Simon Günther !
Looks like shaper Nick Johnson is doing a good job up at Diedamskopf, Austria. Here is another BS rodeo 7, pulled off and sticked by ambush rider Simon Günther. Photo: Janis Weidner


Ambush rider Simon Günther … Ouch !


Ambush rider Simon Günther butters da house in his neighborhood at Bregenzerwald. Janis Weidner - digitalized the evidence.


Ambush rider Simon Günther celebrating a bad weather day after sunset, while going hoho. Photo by Stef Zeestraten