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Amplid Cartel team riders Steve Stepp and McRae Williams join a select group of Park City's freesking regulars in IRPC's latest movie SKI!

Windells Session 1 Ski Camp

It’s summer time and for the fortunate few that means camp up at Mt. Hood. One of those lucky beggars is Amplid’s Steve Stepp who always manages to get some great shots, when he’s not pushing toxic energy drinks on impressionable children. Enjoy the Session 1 round-up edit.
While Europeans contemplate whether to build an Arc just incase it decides to rain for another fortnight, our trans-Atlantic neighbours are enjoying some pretty rad end of season conditions. And what more could you want on a hot sunny day than a BBQ and a couple of ice cold brewskis? How about 20+ of the [...]
This week the West Coast Session Team edits went live. Catch the videos on the WCS vimeo page and keep an eye-out for the white bases and green tips of the Cartel all riding next winter’s Syntax skis. Here’s a quick reminder of which Cartel riders were on which team. Steve Stepp and Luka Melloni [...]

They See Me Trollin Ep.3

Terminal Amateur status is a terrible affliction for any wannabe ski pro. In the latest episode of They See Me Trollin’, Steve Stepp heads to Colorado to find-out what the life of a pro is all about, loses his long time outerwear sponsor and puts himself forward for pioneering surgery in a final, desperate bid [...]

West Coast Sessions Happened

The West Coast Sessions an annual spring gathering of the world’s best freeskiers happened last week at Timberline, Oregon. The Cartel has always represented Amplid in force at WCS and this year was no different. Noah, Luka, Steve and McRae made the trip out west to catch some rays, ride the best spring park in [...]

Steve Challenged to SKATE

When Steve picked up the Saga Team phone how could he know that a couple of days later he’d bump into that same caller and be challenged to a game of SKATE. Still at AM status and with nothing to lose Steve accepted Breck local Boo Strachan’s challenge, little did he know Boo would turn [...]

Park City Out with a Bang

Well Park City resort’s winter season is now over and the perfectly sculpted park is now only a few mounds of baked slush. For Steve and the rest of the Saga crew the season went out in style with one of Evan Heath’s best edits of the season. Here’s the spoiler… Steve crushes it, but [...]

Evil Water

Ever wondered about the harmful effects drinking energy drinks can have on your health? Quit worrying, over the past couple of months Steve’s been busy running a series of highly technical experiments to determine how damaging these energy drinks are. And his findings? It’s not energy drinks that you need to be wary of it’s [...]

Steve’s Domain

Ahh… imagine the life of a Pro Skier, a playboy lifestyle, flying from one exotic mountain range to the next, racking up air miles as you dash across the globe in serach of the next line or the next world class park. Not according to Cartel rider Steve Stepp who breaks into cold sweats as [...]

They See Me Trollin’ Ep.1

Steve told us he’d been working on a top secret video project which he said we’d be “stoked on”. Well to be honest Steve, you’ve surpassed yourself; this is truly the most disappointing video we’ve ever seen. Please get to the gym immediately and do some reps… remember more medals less fictional quotes please Steve.

Steve Gets Grilled

This month on Newschoolers, team rider Steve Stepp got the 5 Questions treatment from Evan Heath Visual. As expected Steve was pitted against the collective whit of the Newschoolers forum which resulted in some pretty fuuny questions, HQ’s personal favourite being “How do you feel about 12 year old kids at Park City who throw [...]

Hungry For Laps

Steve Stepp’s outerwear sponsor Saga have been putting together a short series of shredits they’re calling the Hungry Crew. There’s not much to say other than the skiing is smooth and styled and once again Park City shows the rest of the world how a good terrain park should be put together. No wonder Steve [...]

I Ride Park City – Ep2

In case you’d forgotten or you just didn’t know, Steve kicks back at Park City these days where he shreds with the rest of the 4bi9 crew. As usual it’s slick steeze packed shredding from the Dumpster Mummy in this month’s I Ride Park City episode. Soundtrack courtesy of Pete Rock and CL Smooth we [...]

Steve Stepp Gets Richer

Last weekend the annual Killington “Rails to Riches” contest kicked the season off with a bang. After another summer season of camp up at hood, Cartel rider Steve Stepp was there ready to do battle. The qualifiers saw the 37 strong field cut to 12, but in the words of Newschoolers man on the scene [...]
Last weekend the season kicked-off in Park City, Utah. Cartel rider Steve Stepp and the rest of the 4bi9 crew were there to represent. Park City’s resident filmer was there to catch the action and put this nice little edit together.

Steve Stepps Sizzling Summer

Steve Stepp aka Dumpster Mummy aka Green Goblin… the man with many aliases, just dropped a mash-up of a load of summer Windells footage. For a masterclass in swag style click play and enjoy some uber stunts and future spins performed by the Trap Star himself.
I think it’s fair to say that it has been a good summer for Amplid riders at Windells, Mt. Hood. In one of the last edits of the summer months Amplid Cartel rider Steve Stepp and his buddies from his clothing sponsor SAGA shred the Windells slush tearing-apart all sorts of transitions, jibs and rails.
Renowned for its light dry powder, Utah attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the world. There is one resort in Utah that stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to its park setup, that’s Park City Resort. Now an institution among the freeski community, many of the world’s top pros call PC [...]
The progression of freestyle skiing and snowboarding over the last decade has been explosive. With the progression in riding has come an equally impressive improvement in film making, no doubt helped by the development of digital camera equipment and editing software. The current pinnacle of camera technology is the awesome RED Epic a camera capable [...]
With all that crazy pow it feels good to see some spring slush and green in the background: Lj Strenio, John Kutcher, ARC rider Steve Stepp, Banks Gilberti, Parker White show us some skills up at Windells ! 4 edges or 4 wheels, either way. A literally fresh edit, filmed By: Jake Strassman, Alexandra Erickson, [...]
Steve Stepp and friends still searching for their identities. Assistance appreciated. Nice edit. Enjoy it!

Steve Stepps Identity Crisis

Park City local Steve (I’m black but I’m white) Stepp may be a bit confused about his genetic origins but one things for sure, he’s murdered Park City in the latest 4bi9 Media shredit. Check out this video and get ready for some thug, open jacket, gangsta paraphernalia stuffed, true OG park deconstruction… and a [...]
My bonus edit form 4bi9′s Gunnie Season. Enoy at your own risk! Steve.
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