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Amplid Team rider Kevin Salonius starts his journey of skiing discovery in episode 2 of Rookie Season and travels to Austria to learn the art of freeriding from Andi Nitsche and Teddy Berr. And there's a surprise instore for Kevin when he travels to Flachauwinkl to ride park with Mac Minikan.

Rookie Season Trailer

Rookie Season is a four part series following rookie Cartel rider Kevin Salonius on his adventures around Europe, experiencing new terrain and snow conditions and learning from his teammates. Here's the series trailer.

R&D Never Stops

It's mid-June and temperatures in southern Bavaria, the location of Amplid's headquarter, are soaring to 32 degrees celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). High temperatures haven't stopped Amplid's R&D department from getting to work testing three new ski shapes for the 15/16 product line.
Cartel team rider Teddy Berr has already had more magazine covers than most could dream of. So when he nailed the cover of the latest edition of Euro mag Downdays we were impressed, but hardly surprised.

LOS The Lost Trailer

Innsbruck based production company Legs of Steel is renowned for taking freestyle skiing to the gnarliest faces on the planet, by the looks of it their latest movie “The Lost” won’t dissapoint. Fully clothed and firing on all cylinders, Teddy Berr joined the LOS crew for a couple of film trips this winter, you can [...]
There are some that would argue that  riding with Teddy is in no shape or form a suitable prize for any competition. However, when Teddy’s sock sponsor CEP Sports throws in a Heli ride in Alrberg and bounds Teddy to the conditions that he must wear outerwear at all times then it doesn’t seem so [...]
So submissions are in for the first Academy challenge set by Cartel rider McRae Williams and the Amplid Ambush Academy riders have done themselves proud. The task of setting the next challenge has fallen to Amplid’s Big Mountain destroyer Teddy Berr. Teddy wants the Academy riders to film a short POV edit of any line [...]
In a recent article on Unofficial Networks, Teddy’s 50m naked front flip at the Nine Knights competition took third spot on “The 7 Funniest Ski & Snowboard Video Clips Ever”. Two years on and Teddy is still bathing in the glory of this moment of madness. To find-out which videos made-up the rest of the [...]

Teddy On The Cover

With the Lexington, Amplid attempted to build a ski that would cater for team rider Teddy Berr’s watermelon sized balls. When we saw the cover of this month’s Skiing Magazine it confirmed that yes Teddy has enormous Kahunas but that the Lexington is Ski enough to take everything Teddy can stomp on it. Congrats on [...]

Amplid Doppel-Pager

Amplid is taking over the freeski world; if you need proof, check-out this double page hit from the latest edition of Skiing Mag. On page 102 and 103 (the premium pages in the magazine I might add) you’ll find Teddy Berr and Juergen Nigg hucking their meat for the local paparazi. Here are the close-ups… [...]
International playboy and Cartel team aficianado Teddy Berr dropped into Barcelona for a short visit and sent us these pics. Teddy’s memories of the trip can be viewed from his Instagram photos, we’re willing to bet he can’t remember a lot more. Whilst in town he hooked up with fellow Cartel rider and Barcelona local [...]

Teddy Berr In Space

You might or might not have seen the pictures on the Junkies On a Budget Facebook page of Amplid’s Teddy Berr firing off huge cliffs and ejecting (actually exploding is probably more accurate) out of his Skis. All those slams were taken in the name of nailing solid footage for his filming crews part in [...]
Loose cannon, Teddy the Berrisch, headed over to Canada as they are getting some fresh pow these days. He took the Garhammer brothers plus cam setup and Austrian  Zillertalshredder, Roman Rohrmoser, with him. Choclate Skier, Phil Meier, is expected to join the crew the upcoming week to get some bigger lines done. Check by every [...]

The Festive ShrEdit

The smell of log fires lingers in the air, snow is falling heavily on mountain ranges all over the northern hemisphere and in just under two weeks everybody will be sat around a dinner table stuffing themselves with turkey. What better time for an Amplid ShrEdit, featuring skiing and snowboarding from the Amplid Cartel and [...]
Every Friday we ask a member of the Amplid Cartel team to tell us about five of their favorites. From five must have tricks you need in your repertoire to the five albums that are rocking their headphones every time they destroy the park. Weekly we’re bringing you closer to the Amplid Cartel. This week [...]

Teddy Berr at 9 Queens

How Teddy Berr makes his way through the 9 Queens Big Air. Oh Teddy, Why??? Whatever…
Watch Cartelskier Teddy in the new Aestivation movie in the cinema in munich tomorrow, 12th Oct. 7pm!!! More Info HERE !

That´s all folks

Tirolian Teddy surviving summer by reading skimags?!?!

One for the summer!

We found Teddy Berr´s sister applying for the girls big air comp “9 Queens”. Too hot to miss!

Wanna Be Queen…

teddy berr arc nine queens

ARC webisode January

arc benny dominik teddy cartel ambush

Teddy bringing you the news

Photographer Alo Belluscio taking a snapshot minutes before the rain started.

Tall-T Berrisch

Motivation movietour in Prague (CZ) Tall-Teddy doning his thing!
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