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Windells Session 1 Ski Camp

It’s summer time and for the fortunate few that means camp up at Mt. Hood. One of those lucky beggars is Amplid’s Steve Stepp who always manages to get some great shots, when he’s not pushing toxic energy drinks on impressionable children. Enjoy the Session 1 round-up edit.

Windells 2012 Recap

Blue skys, sun, slushy parks and Cobra Dogs, what’s not to love about Summer Camp? Windells put together a little montage of the best clips from last summer. Of course, a best of Windells edit without J-Norm is like Cobra Dog without the Cobra. Skip to 5:10 for Justin’s clips.

Steve Stepps Sizzling Summer

Steve Stepp aka Dumpster Mummy aka Green Goblin… the man with many aliases, just dropped a mash-up of a load of summer Windells footage. For a masterclass in swag style click play and enjoy some uber stunts and future spins performed by the Trap Star himself.
I think it’s fair to say that it has been a good summer for Amplid riders at Windells, Mt. Hood. In one of the last edits of the summer months Amplid Cartel rider Steve Stepp and his buddies from his clothing sponsor SAGA shred the Windells slush tearing-apart all sorts of transitions, jibs and rails.

Mcrae in Windells Session 7

Stept Productions joined at Windells Camp to put a wrap on summer ski at Mt. Hood. Everyone incl. A.R.C. man Mcrae Williams hot-laps to get in their last hits to hold them over until winter rolls around.

Windells Session 6

Here’s more of full-time Amplid wonder shredder and part time Windells digger Justin (J-Norm) Norman in the Windells Session 6 recap video slaying those jibs and rails. Oh and there’s more of that top secret board shape that we don’t know anything about… so don’t ask. All this talk of snow and it’s 35 degrees [...]

Justin Norman in Digger Days

Jim Sanco at BlackStrap clothing brand spent a couple of weeks this summer shredding Mt Hood, Oregon and filming his close friend and Amplid shredder J-Norm for a short shred movie of the Windells Digger crew. Justin hasn’t been riding the Dopamine his usual board of choice up at Hood this year, instead he’s been [...]
ARC rider Justin Norman takes care of Amplid’s RnD while other have “beach” in their minds …

JNorm Talking Shop

We posted this edit of Windells legend, Amplid Cartel team rider Justin Norman slaying the Windells set-up earlier in the year… of course if you haven’t seen it, go widescreen and get watching, Justin kills it. No, the reason for this blog post is an interview with Justin about his season so far, a recent [...]
With all that crazy pow it feels good to see some spring slush and green in the background: Lj Strenio, John Kutcher, ARC rider Steve Stepp, Banks Gilberti, Parker White show us some skills up at Windells ! 4 edges or 4 wheels, either way. A literally fresh edit, filmed By: Jake Strassman, Alexandra Erickson, [...]
If you’ve spent the summer at Windells at Hood before, you’ll know what part-time digger full-time ripper J-Norm is capable of on a snowboard. If you haven’t seen him ride, sit back, click full screen and watch the jib master destroy Windells. Oh and in-case you were wondering, Justin rides the Dopamine.
Cartel team rider Justin Norman aka J-Norm dropped amplid HQ a little email today to let us know that his new website is live. features heaps of well shot shred pics of Justin putting his Dopamine through all sorts of grimy street jibs, captured beautifully by the likes of snowboard paparazzi Tyler Orton and [...]

Steve Stepp Skier

Taking care of summer RnD for the ARC video courtesy of 4bi9
Windells summer mix Watch ARC-riders Tom Wallisch and Steve Stepp rockin’ Hood last week …
Taking home a brand new pair of 0910 Townships is Evan Furbeyre! Congrats to Evan for killin’ it with smooth 360 switch ups and big 270 disasters on the dub kink! (Blurry Photo courtesy of my iPhone)

Windell’s Session 3

Da Hood House

What brings an eclectic group of young adults to the Oregon wilderness for the summer? Is it a love for hiking, hermitism, or crystal meth? Hardly. The members of Da Hood House are here for several reasons; to shred the brown summer slopes of Mt Hood, to exterminate the gypsies in nearby Government Camp, and [...]

Windells 09: Session 1


Wanna be coached by A.R.C. riders Tom Wallisch and Steve Stepp ?



While our riders are getting ready for Windell’s, Windell’s is getting ready for YOU ! See what’s new for the coming season on Windell’s World Update at Photo: Courtesy of Windell’s