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French ambushmanYannick Pebrel is trying to catch up with his dream by trying to catch up with his shadow, while riding down some windblown slushcrust gully in La Hoya (Argentina)… In case that all sounds like the diagnosis of a shrink who just told Yannick that he is suffering schizophrenia – no worries: When Yannick [...]
If you suffer from motion sickness it’s probably best to give Fresh Cream Production’s (consisting of the Amplid Ambush’s Yannick Pebrel and Nicolas Antony) latest release a miss, but if you like pow riding POV movies hit play! Shot last season in what many are calling the best Alpine winter in 10 years, POWrno features [...]

More From Yannicks Yeux

Ever wondered what it’s like to be mid-way through a McTwist in slushy La Plagne whilst riding next year’s Amplid Paradigma? It’s pretty damn confusing, so that’s why we got French Ambush rider Yannick Pebrel to film it in slow motion and put together a montage. You get a good look at next year’s 159 [...]

Method Shadow Puppet

Just to prove it’s a method and not a backscratcher or suitcase, Yannick filmed his shadow grabbing a tweaky Method air. More fool the dude sat in Yannick’s shadow’s landing.
Amplid pumped millions of dollars into French Ambush rider Yannick Prebel’s latest film project POWrno from FRESH CREAM MOVIES. Forget the RED Epic or even the Canon 5D mkII, POWrno was shot exclusively on GoPro to give it an edgy “Blair Witch Project” POV kinda feel. Although we can’t quite work out where the millions [...]

Tunnel View

Yesterday we’ve been riding a “Seventies Style” tunnel with a tough oververt combined with a tiny transition. Here a shot of me doing a switch heel flippppp, cool session, but damn hard for the body! Enjoy, Yannick.


… proudly filmed in the alpes. By frenchman Yannick Pebrel. Making you dizzy.
… to the winter season on the southern hemisphere, “saludando” with a classic method air, oldschoolish tweaked by Yannick above Las Lenas.


La familia de Amplid con el road trip de amplid goes sud se van con una retrack expedition a Valle Hermoso, valle de las Leñas. El team liderado por Yannick Pebrel es compuesto por los hermanos françeses Yannick y Anthony Bovard, Bastien macchi y el Catalan Cristian Boiria. READ MORE…


The season here in Argentina is coming to an end. My computer got stolen the other day, shit. But I’ll get over it. Here is one last shot, slaughtering the virgin powfields of “Entre Rios” in Las Lenas. Need to go now, parilla at Miguel’s. See you soon, Yannick.
Cerro Martin / Las Lenas (ARG): First decent on a snowboard by Amplid founder Peter Bauer in 1988. A couple of years later: No secret spot anymore, but still one of the most beautiful powpow faces on our white globe. Yannick Pebrel a.k.a. Prebel, carving some early morning turns, burning calories and earning a huge [...]
Well, Yannick has actually been not THAT lazy, thinking that it’s a 1 hour hike in almost 12.000 ft. altitude.


What happens when euroshredhead Andal Zissler meets Frenchman Yannik Pebrel ? What if they get to stay in one flat with BBQ-man Miguel Duhalde ? You don’t wanna know … Here is the route they did: And here comes a little note from “Y.”: Hey guys,  finally wind stoped and we’ve been able to shred [...]


One on the wall, one in the air. Even same haircut. Wondering whether it smells like Kryptonite as well when Yannick sticks that air. Yannick “Rebel” Pebrel a.k.a “the reincarnation of obstacles”, somewhere in France.


Or better: Almost killing Matt Bouyssy, his photographer. Nice shot gus !

Yannick the Carpenter

Finally after a long work, many problems, and about 54000 screws i proudly present our fantastic pleasure doublepool designed by Greg Rubio and myself, powered by our “urban culture association l épicentre” is open … Check ! I’m so happy to finally, after 20 years dreaming of it, 10 years of hard struggle with [...]
Ambush rider Yannick Prebel from France, getting very first track up at Cerro Martin (Las lenas, Argentina) on his “early riser” 2010 Equity. Right on !!!


A little Las Lenas postcardshot including greetings from lazy bastard Yannick, hunting the snow around the globe.


Here comes a little postcard from ambush rider Yannick Prebel, slaughtering some fresh in Las Lenas, Argentina.


… and probably another 10.000 to go … A.R.C.’s concrete ambassador Yannick Pebrel and his latest “good wood” work of art. BTW: Nice T-shirt Y. !


Frenchman and ambush rider Yannick