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The new split innovation at Amplid is a mixture of the Milligram (for construction) and Millisurf (for shape), with this shortened fish tail it is pleasant to turn short and lean on it with confidence.

So it is clearly a Millisurf a little bit more solid and less in search of absolute lightness.

Although technical, this is not the kind of board that is appreciated at the first curve, it takes a little time to adjust, because she wants to move forward and she doesn't have much patience.

But she is a great carver while being handy in small turns, a good combo to enjoy the mountain from top to bottom. low. Especially as its lightness on the way up is really appreciable, it always leaves a bit more legs to attack the descent.

Same thing in slightly tormented natural snow, it requires rhythm and presence but it erases the terrain, well all snow. Its comfort is really felt powdered, where horses can be released with confidence, it is natural, really 2 feet. A nice all-round split for riders who are well-informed, rather of a good size, who are looking for lightness with nothing to play with.



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