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B-Grade: Yellow Marks On Topsheet - See Example Images

Order number: 230106-153-B

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Millisurf B-Grade & Skins
Pro Skin Precut Mohair Blend w/hooks for boards w/ skinholes
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Board has been graded as "B" due to slight yellow marks on the topsheet. Please see images of cosmetical flaws. Board is in shrink foil, full Amplid warranty applies.

State-of-the-art construction techniques and materials, pioneered by the original Milligram, bring this champion powder split in at a weight class all on its own. Wickedly responsive and effortless in deep snow, the Millisurf delivers knock-out performance every time you strap in, so that every turn is worth the hike. There’s no better feeling than racing up the skin track for first tracks and rubbing your buddies’ noses in your rapture as you make perfect virgin turns.
Holes in the tips and notches in the tail make skin fixing even more convenient. The new “gummy wall” used along the center split sets an end to unnerving crunching and enhances the friction of the two board halves when assembled.



Traction Camber

Traction Camber

This is the best camber line for perfection skinning traction on the way up, by distributing weight and power along the entire board. Additionally this camber line provides precise control in harder conditions and at higher speeds.


153 157 161
overall length (mm) 1530 1570 1610
nose length (mm) 295 295 295
running length (mm) 1080 1120 1160
tail length (mm) 155 155 155
waist width (mm) 252 260 264
underfoot width front (mm) 269 276 281
underfoot width back (mm) 259 257 272
nose width (mm) 300 308 313
tail width (mm) 284 292 297
sidecut depth (mm) 20 20 20.5
sidecut radius (m) 7.4 8 8.4
stance position 10 back 10 back 10 back
nose radius (mm) 800 800 800
tail radius (mm) 800 800 800
ref stance (cm) 54 (50-58) 56 (52-60) 58 (54-62)
camber Dir. Cruise Camber Dir. Cruise Camber Dir. Cruise Camber
approx weight +/-6% (kg)2.6-2.8 2.7-2.8 2.8-2.9
rider weight-range (kg) 55-80 65-90 75-100
active surface area (cm2) 3856 4230 4410

Technical Key Features

  • BBP Core

    The lightest wood core money can buy. Weightless Paulownia and Balsa are carefully arranged with stronger Birch to save valuable grams without sacrificing strength.

  • Full Carbon Jacket

    Amplid’s Full Carbon Jacket is the most expensive fiber laminate in Amplid’s arsenal. Carbon’s tensile strength to weight ratio is unbeatable, it allows the use of thinner, almost weightless laminates to achieve the same flex profile. Its responsive and energized feel is unique.

  • Floatation Tips

    Ultra wide, low rising tips that exist purely to create lift in powder without sucking-up speed. They add a surfy feel to skis and snowboards.

  • Sintered 7HD Base

    A premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting.

  • Split Tune

    We lightly round the edges at the tip and tail, outside of the effective edge. Blunting these edges reduces chipping to the topsheet during skinning.

  • 3D Crust Buster Nose

    A convex nose profile which improves tracking and fluidity in three-dimensional snow. To retain responsiveness, the contact points are not lifted.

  • Bolted Tip Clips

    Using threaded bolts instead of rivets allows broken tip clips to be easily replaced, on the hill, without the need for a workshop full of tools.


    Replacing a conventional tophseet on Amplid’s carbon touring equipment, Nano Film is an ultra-thin polyamide coating that offers great protection and improved snow-shedding properties with 50% less weight.


    Tough, pre-cured composite impact plates placed beneath bindings and touring hardware significantly reduce the risk of topsheet dings and breakages.


    Forged aluminium board hooks, designed in-house by Amplid’s R&D team, offer a dependable, but weightless connection between board halves and have a slick matt black aesthetic.


    Spin to win with effortless style. Amplid’s HEXO2 core replaces specific areas of weightier wood at the tips with featherlight honeycomb, practically eliminating swing weight,


    Less heat, less sticky snow, less weight - Thanks to a special heat reflecting coating.

  • Gummy Wall

    This revolutionary TPU material used on the inner sidewall increases cohesion of the board halves and eliminates unnerving crunching noise in riding mode.

Terrain Map & Feel

Terrain Map