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La Beanie Gap Sessions 2013

Around early March every year French Ambush riders Xavier Favre and Yannick Bovard build one of the best shaped gap jumps in the French Alps at the resort of La Chapelle and open it for a jam style contest. The La Beanie Gap Sessions have become legendary for the progressive riding that goes down and [...]
  « Allo, hein, c’est qui ? Ah Pierre, euh appelle les Collet pour savoir où tu dors, moi je suis complétement mort dans mon lit, bonne nuit » C’est par ces mots que Xavier Favre, m’accueille à la Chapelle d’Abondance le vendredi 9 mars au soir alors qu’il vient de finir le shape de [...]


  Literally :-) ! Looks like Xavier Favre is training for the mogul olympic contest. No worries, it’s part of his physio therapy …

The Festive ShrEdit

The smell of log fires lingers in the air, snow is falling heavily on mountain ranges all over the northern hemisphere and in just under two weeks everybody will be sat around a dinner table stuffing themselves with turkey. What better time for an Amplid ShrEdit, featuring skiing and snowboarding from the Amplid Cartel and [...]
Xavier Favre is a freeskier that you may or may not have heard of. One thing’s for sure, once you’ve seen Xavier’s smooth stompy style and super clean off-axis spins it’s not a name you will forget in a hurry. ARC TV caught-up with Xavier an Amplid Ambush team rider to find out about last [...]
Last weekend a small crew of Amplid Cartel and Ambush riders consisting of Yannick Bovard, Xavier Favre, McRae Williams, Christoph Schenk and Luka Melloni gathered in Modena, Italy for the Nissan Skipass event. Like all inner-city events the setup was a little sketchy with 20 degree heat punishing the snow and a kinky transition between [...]
Watch Frenchman and ambush rider Xavier Favre in his 2011 season compilation, freshly edited:   Xavier Favre Winter season 2011
Here comes another edit from a very relaxed contest … a rep up of all 3 competition days.
Cool contest up in Les 2 Alps, showing french ambush man Xavier Favre at the Kumiyama contest which took place 2 weeks ago. In case you ever happen to hit Les 2 Alps by accident: Amplid’s got a huge demo center down at the base, just keep your eyes open for the a-logo.
Come ride with us – Paye ton scenar (Best freestyle)

Xavier Favre Doing Austria

The trip in Austria // IF3 Europe skitape This is ARC rider’s Xavier Favre’s contribution to the IF3 2010. “The trip in Austria” is pretty much about a trip in austria, obviously with lots of awesome skiing. For the frenchies out there: Voyave en Autriche [Hintertux] effectué à l’automne 2009 en préambule à la saison de [...]

Underdogz Feat. Xav Favre

Live from the Amplid French Connection , check out Xavier FAVRE doing his Antidogmas ! The excellent “UNDERDOGZ” is a French production by Def Ligz. Check it out, you’ll love it ;-)
Xavier Favre 07/08 Team Amplid
The weekend continues successfully for the Amplid Research Cartel and the Antidogma: Wallisch was once more dominating the Big Air format with a very stylish cork7 and a nice “late” switch5shifty. French shooting star and Amplid rider Xavier Favre ended up 2nd with an awesome cork7. Photos: Rocco Manfredi