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Kevin, Noah & Level 1 Visit Estonia

Kevin and Noah filming together in a Level 1 movie might sound like a dream, but it's a reality. Noah, Sandy Boville, Shay Lee and filmer Jonny Durst joined Cartel rider Kevin Salonius in his native Finland for an early season urban trip. Although Helsinki wasn't as snow filled as the crew would have wished, a short trip north and cruise across the Baltic to Estonia's capital city, Tallinn, opened-up some creative opportunities for the riders and some fresh city-scapes for Jonny. While travelling with the crew, Kevin pulled together some photos and typed-up a brief trip report:

I've just arrived back from the Level 1 urban trip. We had a really good 2 weeks of filming urban here in Finland and our trip to Estonia was also a success.

When the Level 1 crew got here we went straight to my local resort, Serena, for a quick, one hour session to warm up for filming.


We also had a small backyard rail session at my place when Noah arrived.


The next day we rented this pretty cool van, big enough for the whole crew and all the ski gear.


The snow conditions in Helsinki were not the best, so after a few days of filming here we decided to drive up north to Jyväskylä and Tampere where there was more snow.


We built our in-runs out of pallets and other stuff we could find around the spots. (2nd photo by Stephan Sutton)



After a productive week in Helsinki/Jyväskylä/Tampere we decided to head over to Tallinn, Estonia, to see what kinds of spots they had there. Here's the tired but stoked crew on the morning ferry to Estonia.


None of us had been to Estonia before skiing, so we spent the first day scoping for spots when we got to Tallinn.


And scoping some more!


For some spots we had to scrape all the snow we could find.


Here's a stoked crew packing up the van after a successful day of filming.

The crew. (From left to right) Noah Albaladejo, Shay Lee, Sandy Boville, Kevin Salonius, Jonny Durst (and Stephan Sutton behind the camera).


After the Estonia trip we spent the last day skiing at Serena. We skied for about an hour and then went to check out the water park in Serena to finish off the trip.

Overall the trip was really fun and I'm super stoked I got to ski and film with these guys. Everyone killed it the whole time and we got a lot of good footage!