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Noah Albaladejo is European Skier of the Year!

After three weeks and several rounds of voting we're very proud to announce that Amplid Cartel rider Noah Albaladejo is Downdays Magazine's European Skier of the Year in 2015. Downdays summed-up Noah's ascent to the top spot nicely:

"For the men, Noah worked his way through an equally competitive field, knocking out challengers like French backcountry blaster Julien Lange, FWT dominator Jeremie Heitz, and finally Henrik Harlaut to reach the finals against the up-and-coming 22-year-old German park phenom Lukas Joas.

Humble as always, Noah even encouraged his fans to vote for other competitors—but the show of love for the 22-year-old skier from Andorra, who won this year’s B&E Invitational and filmed with Level 1 Productions, was simply too great."