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Amplid 2022-23 Workbook

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 [ ik-speer-ee-uhns ]

Meaning I:
Experience is knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity, which you have gained because you have done that job or activity for a long time.

Meaning II:
An experience is something that you do or that happens to you, especially something important that affects you (also as verb: “to experience”).

When we got stuck on the chairlift the other day for almost an hour with some of our RnD riders, we got into a really deep discussion about what “experience” actually means and where it can apply to snowboarding. A bit of regulars' wisdom concerning its depth, with lots of jokes and bullshit involved; however, it did trigger an interesting thought process in my mind.
I needed to ask myself: I have been living snowboard design and manufacturing for more than 35 years - can I call those skills I have acquired during this period “experience”? I guess so.

What else did I learn? The snowboard market does not need another cookie cutter brand, driven by the power of marketing-bucks, which has a half-life like a bowl of yoghurt on a heater. Our world is glutted with too many me-too-products already.
One thing we know for sure, it’s how we design and manufacture our boards at Amplid: Differently. Therefor we need to bring forth the courage to leave beaten paths, and to question existing raw materials and manufacturing processes. Convincing a factory to break their regular routine and step out of their comfort zone is certainly not the easiest way to do things, yet I’m certain it’s the right way.

There wouldn’t be a Milligram Split, Antiphase Dampening, Stratospheric Topsheet or the Singular Project, if we would not question manufacturing standards on a regular base. RnD is an empirical process, it’s based on trial and error. Will this new prototype break? Or ride like a stiff toilet door? Perhaps. But one needs to try. And by venturing into these unknown regions, you can only gain experience.
All the precious magazine awards which are decorating our boards year by year, the great feedback we receive regularly from riders out there, the constantly growing number of retailers – all these are clear proof that we chose the right path.
And this leads straight into another meaning of “experience”. Our constantly accumulating experience ultimately provides a better riding experience to any snowboarder.

Imagine you suddenly reach the peak before anybody else without any steroids in your veins and get first line, simply because your ascent was as effortless as a gondola ride!
Imagine you fall in love with riding bullet proof groomers, simply because your board carves so trustworthily at mach 2 like a hot knife through butter!
Imagine you may want to carry only one board from now on for all kinds of snow conditions and terrain, because the Leatherman which can unscrew wheel nuts and remove an appendix suddenly exists in the snowboard world?

And after having experienced a super successful season last winter, stacked with awards and incredible reviews, I am deeply proud of this new 22/23 product range. It’s our finest combination of form and function to date.

Experience experience!

Peter Bauer - Amplid Founder


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