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Amplid Beta Project ?

A couple of things to be mentioned here:

1. We went up to Hintertux glacier a few days ago to test a new bio resin and a new shape. One part is the board feel of new materials (yes, resin can make a difference) and also to check bonding before going into production (but that will be made in a larger field test). We have been successfully eliminating the gloss finish on our boards’ topsheets to reduce solvents, now let’s continue inside the board.

2. The glaciers in the Alps this summer are in a quite grim condition, lacking the important spring snowfalls. When observing their shrinkage, it gets very clear that global warming is real. Let’s reduce our footprints wherever we can, including our team (fill up your vehicle with your shred buddies, use public transport, go splitboarding …)

3. If you want to participate in testing new materials, follow #AmplidBetaProject. More details soon…