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BETWEEN THE LINES - Board Graphics

Board graphics – besides the performance of a snowboard, this is perhaps the #2 USP on a market glutted with models to choose from. This episode will give you a brief backstage view into the processes of board graphics as an important part of RnD. Watch Amplid’s graphic big wig Michi Hanauer talking about his job as a graphic desinger.

With BETWEEN THE LINES Amplid is broadcasting a new kind of vlog, where YOU can be the director of the content. We’d like to shed light onto the unknown stories happening in the backstage area of our snowboard life – but we’d like to pick your brains and ask you which questions we should provide an answer for. Ideas? Questions? DM or email us your inputs… stoked to hear what you would like to know! Tag your buddies as they might have questions as well.

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