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BLISTER REVIEW AWARD: Milligram - Recommended 2024

Oh yes, we are totally psyched - the Milligram scored once again - but at this point we'll let BLISTER REVIEW do the talking:

"We’re glad Amplid hasn’t seriously altered in the Milligram since its introduction, because it’s still one of the most impressive splits we’ve used in terms of performance-toweight ratio.

This is one of the lighter splitboards on the market, but we think Amplid has done an excellent job of creating a light board that’s also tons of fun on the descent. If you dislike extremely stiff and heavy splitboards but still want one that performs similarly to a solid board, the Milligram is tough to beat.

It floats quite well in pow for a “do-everything” split, while its long camber section provides excellent edge hold on chalky-to-hard snow. This board is light, responsive, and snappy, which translates to reduced leg fatigue (both on the up and the down), powerful turns, and longer, more enjoyable days in the backcountry.

This is an excellent doit-all board for weight-conscious riders, while the Amplid Millisurf warrants serious consideration if you want a surfier alternative with the same construction..."


Read the full review in the latest Blister Buyers Guide - more info on how to get your hands on this bible of shred here at

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