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The Pentaquark may just be the best carving board in this section. Essentially, it blends the qualities of a race board with hints of those from all-mountain boards.

It’s crafted to be light but is still quite damp thanks to Amplid’s Antiphase construction. This board offers a lengthy effective edge (due to shortened tip and tail lengths) that provides excellent edge hold on firm conditions. Compared to all-mountain boards with serrated sidecuts, the Pentaquark provides a much smoother and more predictable ride at high edge angles, inspiring confidence when railing heel-side edges and laying out toe-side turns to the ground.

The Pentaquark is one of the most fun and effective groomer-specific carving boards we’ve used. There are a lot of boards listed here that are more versatile, but the accessibility of the Pentaquark’s carving capabilities makes even the blandest of snow conditions fun. If you’re looking to add a board to the quiver that’ll help you make the most of groomed trails, put this one on your list.

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