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The Snommelier is one of our favorite boards to be on when arcing huge turns in soft snow. Its wide, blunted nose, sole length option of 166 cm, and vintage swallow tail combine to do an excellent job of keeping its nose afloat and alleviating stress on the back leg in deep snow.

Like many of Amplid’s boards, the Snommelier is surprisingly light (despite its large size). That said, it is not as maneuverable in tight terrain as the Weston Japow, Season Forma, or stubbier, surf-inspired boards (e.g., Rossignol Sushi).

On the flip side, the Snommelier easily cuts through dry blower pow and wet spring pow, feeling exceptionally fast and encouraging giant, arcing turns in situations where smaller boards can feel sluggish or twitchy at speed. If you frequently ride big, open lines and prefer high-speed, drawn-out turns over tight carves and slashes, the Snommelier could make for an excellent addition to your quiver.

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