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For years now, the UNW8 has been a favorite of some of our reviewers. It’s a pretty demanding board, but paired with an advanced rider used to the feel of a full-camber board, the UNW8 offers a precise and poppy ride in a lightweight platform. It’s ideal for those who like to go fast and who know how to use a full-camber profile to their advantage. That said, its lack of rocker and stiff flex pattern demand deliberate, precise input, especially in challenging conditions. It also makes the UNW8 feel a bit less playful than many softer, more freestyle-oriented options here (e.g., the next board).

But the UNW8 is a lightweight, precise board with excellent stability and incredible pop. Advanced and expert riders will find the UNW8 to be capable in all conditions, and we think it truly excels in more open terrain (whether it’s covered in pow or firm snow). Especially when you give it some room to run, the UNW8 offers a uniquely powerful yet agile ride.

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