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Based on the awarded Milligram’s shape, the Freequencer is our BEST ALL MOUNTAIN 2023 splitboard. Quite frankly, it is one of the boards we were most looking forward to riding in this year’s test, and as you will see for yourself, we weren’t in the least bit disappointed. The Freequencer is all you can expect from the Milligram -thinking of shape- but with a wood core, which implies a more affordable price. We also think that it will open the doors to many splitboarders who see the Milligram as an unattainable object of desire, or to those who simply don’t dig carbon construction boards.

The Freequencer is all about versatility and polyvalence: the early-rise rocker keeps you afloat, and the directional shaped – traditional camber combo makes it easier to deal with variable snow conditions. Regarding its performance, it is a solid, stable and fast splitboard that nimbly changes from edge to edge. We were expecting the flex and torsion to be sweeter compared to the Milligram, but we found a board that is stiff indeed, demanding an aggressive and powerful riding. Surely a board perfectly adapted to any type of terrain and conditions; one of the most versatile splitboards we have tested these past years...   => Read the full review here on !