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Dash Gets Heli Time

The word from Dash is that Heli Skiing in Interior BC is as good as it's hyped-up to be. Dash caught a heli ride with some neon-clad bum wigglers from the Ski Channel and managed to rip some turns in some epic BC tree runs. Here are a few shots and a video from Dash's adventure, we'd advise turning down the music on the video and cranking-up your own tunes. If you want to be able to ride like Dash in the pow, make sure the Morning Glory is in your board bag and you'll be halfway there... raw talent and big kahunas, Amplid can't sell you.

Photos and film edit by Freeride Media.


Dash throwing a big stylish Method grab into the mix.


Fast aggresive tree runs were the order of the day.


An Amplid Morning Glory and a stoked Dash at the end of the day.