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Rodo Vs Suicide Chute

The worst thing about team riders from the perspective of a brand is when they hunt-out the rockiest places to ride in the pre-season for some early winter kicks. For the past week Cartel rider John Rodosky has been hunting-out the steepest and rockiest couloirs in the Wasatch to refine is steep and tight line riding before the Freeride World Tour kicks off in December in Revelstoke. Knowing that Rodo is a magnet for rocks and that pre-season sharks are the Wasatch's speciality we've kept back his new gear until snowcover reaches more than 2ft on sharp granite. It seems that John's UNW8 163 from last year held-up tackling the ominously named Suicide Chute. Be sure to keep an eye on John's Instagram account @rodophoto to follow his adventures this winter.