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The Army's VorAMarlberg Premiere

A lot of work goes into creating a snowboard movie. Building jumps, scouting spots, hiking, assessing lines and thats before you add the editing work and the general waiting around for weather conditions to improve and snow to fall. Team rider Philip Toplitsch and his crew, The Army, have spent the last 5 months dedicating themselves to the production of a movie based in their region of Austria, Vorarlberg. The movie, shot and edited by Adam Graf, blends the crew's passion for snowboarding with the inspiring landscapes of the Vorarlberg's towering, snow covered mountains. Tomorrow they will premiere the movie at a venue in the town of Schwarzach. Details of the event are on the poster below. Everybody who shares their passion is invited to watch the movie and party with the guys. Tickets for the event are 5 Euros at the door and you can't get fairer than that! Below the information poster is an article about the movie in The Army's local newspaper.