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Lauri Hilander: Prepping for Cho Oyu

In snowboarding you have park kids, groomer fans, sidecountry riders, backcountry shredders, and "only a few" guys like Lauri Hilander (=yes, that is his real name!) from Finland, who have higher aims. Higher as in "above 8.000m". Follow Lauri during his prepping phase to splitboard up to Cho Oyu - and obvously ride it down along the tibetian side. Really cool and mellow vlog, reflecting Lauri's personality a 100%.


"So hey, I hope to go back to the Himalayan giants in autumn 2021. This time the aim is to climb and snowboard Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world. She stands at 8188 meters and I am planning to climb and descent from the Tibetan side of the mountain. This would be my second 8K without supplementary oxygen.

Taken into consideration COVID19 an all, this is not an certain business, but hey - if you don´t try, you never go anywhere. It´s around 9 months before the expedition would even start, why am I publishing this so early? Well I wish to do a set of vlogs from the preparation of the trip. I am an rather average dude and I believe there is plenty of people who are thinking of doing an 7K or an 8K at some point - I want to give my 2 cents on the topic so maybe those in similar situation will have an smoother preparation.

As an disclaimer - I am an 100% amateur. So keep that in your consideration when you watch these vids. I have climbed 7K and 8K mountains, skied 700km cross continental Greenland and climbed/snowboarded this and that but still - an amateur. So these vlogs are part of my process and I have an general idea what I´ll try to post,do let me know if you have ideas or wishes!"