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The weekend before last brought sunny weather and warm temperatures to the French Alps. Just as well really, because you don't get much more exposed than Les Deux Alpes' glacier. A healthy number of brands and die-hard riders gathered on the glacier for the annual "Enjoy The Glacier" weekender organised by premium French snowboard magazine, ACT Snowboarding. Amplid's head of opperations "en France", Flo, with the help of French Ambush rider Julien Vilmin, made sure Amplid boards were available for the general public. By all accounts the Pocketknife and Stereo were the hot rides of the weekend.


Blue skies, groomed snow and hundreds of boards to test. What more could you want?


French Ambush rider Julien Vilmin was in the area and showed up with his Pocketknife to represent


Amplid's man in France, Flo, captures an essential selfie for the ARC Blog