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Creamer Review - Blister Gear Review is a website headed-up by veteran ski reviewer Jonathan Ellsworth. Jonathan knows that to create a successful website he's got to bring riders onto the program who know their product. For the Creamer he assigned the job of testing to Jon Doane, a Colorado freerider who has spent time on boards like the Rossignol XV and Jones Flagship... so Jon knows what a good freeride board rides like. Here are a couple of nice things Jon said about the Creamer:

Riding on hardpack - "After making some initial turns off the top of the Silver Queen lift at Crested Butte, I was impressed by how well the Creamer carved, and it certainly felt like a directional, big mountain board. The Creamer has a stiff flex from the tail to the front inserts, with a slightly softer nose, which allowed me to ride it fast down hardpack. Since the rocker in the nose is pretty subtle, the Creamer’s contact points behave much like a cambered board; turn initiation was precise, and the board gripped the snow well. The long sidecut radius was definitely noticeable when carving, and the Creamer preferred to make fast, large-radius turns. At faster speeds, the Creamer felt smooth, and I never noticed any hooky behavior."

Riding in the sidecountry - "Some wind-loaded areas around Crested Butte had up to 8 inches of fresh snow, and the Creamer excelled in those conditions. It floated really well, but was burly enough to stay stable when bottoming out in dust-on-crust conditions."

In summary- "The Amplid Creamer is a versatile, all-mountain freeride board that excels in both fresh snow and firmer chop when stability is most important. It floats well in powder, but is still directional and stiff enough to carve and charge big lines."

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