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Milligram Review - Splitboard Mag

We're always happy to ship the guys at Splitboard Mag a few boards for their test because we know that they really take the time to get a feel for the boards and gather a number of opinions. This year they collectively voted the Amplid Milligram Split the "Most Versatile" splitboard at the test. Breaking down the scores as follows:

Feel - Pop 9/10 | Torsion 8/10 | Flex 8/10

Performance - Goomers 8.5/10 | Off Piste 8.5/10 | Powder 8.5/10

"Amplid has left every single one of our testers in awe, once again. It’s not only the lightest splitboard in the market, but also one of the most versatile boards we have ridden. Despite its carbon construction, the flex as well as the torsion feel very natural, unlike other carbon boards where the stiffness of the board is the most remarkable feature. We all liked this, because we think torsion is one of the aspects that needs to be improved the most on carbon splitboards. Nevertheless, it feels super stable when carving from edge to edge at great speed. It feels ultra light to skin up with and it performs really well on all kinds of terrain and snow. Definitely the lightest and most versatile board in this year’s test."

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