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Millisurf Review -

In powder it is almost unbeatable. It's extremely agile and riding is a lot of fun. Even if we didn't have the opportunity to test it in the best conditions yet, it was love at first ride.

On deep powder days, the big nose lets you swim on top, the tail drops and you enjoy a pleasant surf-like ride.

Ascending, the tips float up well out of the snow. Kick turns are super easy because the Millisurf is perfectly balanced, it is very lightweight and the short tail really helps. In the case of hard snow traverses, the edge holds quite well - better than its predecessor the Morning Split, nevertheless it is always good to have crampons with you.

Having tested the board in less than optimal snow conditions, we can say that the edge holds, even when the going gets tough. With the Millisurf it’s possible to do everything your splitboarding skills allow - the board can do more!


  • Flex - 65/100 (1 = noodle | 100 = granite work-top)
  • Freestyle - 50/100
  • All-Mountain - 80/100
  • Powder - 90/100
  • Speed - 80/100


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