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Morning Glory Review - Snowsurf Magazine

French snowboard magazine "Snowsurf" knows how to conduct high quality, useful reviews. What's their secret? Simple, they put the right rider on a board in the right snow conditions. There's really nothing worse than a powder board review conducted from an icy park on the east coast of the US, for example. Here's what the testers thought of the Morning Glory after putting in the days in the right conditions. You can read the review in French on the Snowsurf website here.

"This pure powder board from German brand Amplid has all the characteristics of a modern freeride snowboard: pintail, fishtail and a long nose rocker. This giant spatula leaves absolutely no doubt about buoyancy in the big pow, it is what we saw immediately: no need to force planing, it takes care of hovering and acceleration above deep snow by itself! It has an S-Rocker camber, i.e. a classic profile in the tail until the front foot and then from the front foot a rockered nose, which explains its ability to float and its handling which is both strong on the piste and when carving  on big faces for extreme freeride. For us it is one of the best in its genre, with the added bonus that  the devastating looks say what you came to do on the mountain: Zero park or freestyle.
Positives - Grip / Bouyancy
Negatives - None"