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Multiplayer Review - LeBonTest.Fr

Another comprehensive review by the team at For French speakers we recommend clicking through to their review where you can also view a video review of the product.

"A good choice for the skier who is dedicated to the Newschool trend, with small thighs and who wants to do everything (park, piste, pow, some backcountry freestyle) with the same ski. A very good mix of freeride and backcountry, for those who like to go fast in all snow conditions and get good shots. Stiff, with a large camber under foot and big rocker at the tips, quite a centered stance, it takes a little time to adapt to this lively and responsive ski. Not as lightweight underfoot, relatively speaking, when compared to the Hill Bill, with a more aggressive flex. Be careful not to fall asleep during tricks because it does not turn itself and therefore requires a minimum physical strength and ability to turn in the Park. Riders with this profile will love the Multiplayer’s big pop that makes you want to jump around. Be careful not to engage the edge too quickly when riding switch, it’s not easy. However, it’s perfectly at ease in the rotten, end of season snow conditions and it’s very good at large and medium carves while remaining easy to pivot and shorten the turn radius when the need arises. Reactive, both in ollies and turn initiation, it’s like a little boat in tight turns on hard snow, but very nice on piste as soon as the snow is groomed. Comfortable in all snow, the rocker is very pronounced but rigid and it inspires confidence in all situations. Pow and crud of course, but also on the piste, where with his ability to make short turns, is at ease. Although Multiplayer has a substantial width, it is of course an all-mountain/backcountry freestyle ski: a true multipurpose ski which will take you from the track to the pow daily with some Freestyle sauce, regardless of the snow."