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Skialper Splitboard Reviews

We're very proud to announce that Amplid's Milligram Split and Millisurf Split are the winners of Italian Touring Magazine Skialper's Splitboard of the Year 2018 and Powder Choice 2018 awards.

With the help of Google Translate and a little "creative interpretation", we've translated the original Italian reviews into English. Images of the original reviews can be found below the reviews. If you're Italian (or an Italian speaker) and you spot some major inaccuracies in the translations, we'd be grateful for quick email pointing out the mistakes.

Creamer Split 163

Ready to ride anything, anywhere, in any conditions. Versatility is the main feature of the Creamer, which proves itself to be an excellent performer in both fresh and variable snow at speed.


A versatile directional snowboard with a shape and flex, which give it great stability and ease of advancement in all snow conditions and terrain. Its feeling is precise, and response is immediate and intuitive in both fresh and hard snow. Even uphill the performance is very good, in fact it is well balanced and lightweight, especially considering that it’s not carbon.


Milligram 163

Ladies and gentlemen here is the Split of the year 2018, a split for anybody that wants to grind vertical meters in a fluid and natural way, without limits. Immediately it feels responsive and character also decided at high speeds. An excellent product that satisfies the highest requirements, without being too exclusive.


The Milligram has a classic shape with rocker only in the nose. Thanks to its lightness and well-balanced construction it tours very naturally with good manoeuvrability in kick turns, with a slight limitation on icy traverses because its rigidity does not allow it to track the ground below perfectly and to work well over many layers. Downhill it offers immediate security and precision. In general, it’s stable and stiff enough that it can be ridden at high speed in all snow conditions.



Millisurf 161

A new addition to the Amplid collection, the Millisurf is the “surfy” version of the Milligram. Its ideal terrain is fresh and deep snow, that’s where you’ll experience its best qualities and where it has very few rivals. A board that can be loved by riders of a certain technical ability who have a love of surf-style.


When we’re talking about the Millisurf, we’re talking about real “snow surf”. The board is characterized by a generous nose and swallow tail geometry that gives it easy handling and lightness. During climbs it’s easy to tour on any type of snow and slope. During the downhill, thanks to its shape, you have excellent control and lift in powder, and on sun or wind effected snow you’re able to ride fast. It allows very fast edge transitions without any lag or a need for excessive strength. Hard conditions require more commitment, they’re not its preferred terrain.