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UNW8 Review - Blister Gear Review

When you send a snowboard to Blister Gear Review you know it's going to get a thorough testing. Based in America's Mid-West, the guys at Blister have access to some of North America's biggest and best terrain for testing product. And a test with Blister isn't a fleeting affair either; nope these guys keep hold of the boards all season long so that they can get a complete feel for the board in all conditions and can assess how durable the product is too. Needless to say, you can trust what the guys at Blister have to say. We were pretty blown away by tester Justin Bobb's recent review of the UNW8; of course we think it's the best snowboard on the planet, but when somebody completely independent agrees... well that's pretty special.

Below is a quick extract from the comprehensive three page review. The full review can be read at

"The Amplid UNW8 is meant for people who ride the mountain like a rally car rides the earth.

This board is capable in most terrain situations. It could be a great board for someone who simply wants to cruise groomers and work on their carves, as well as for someone looking to drop big lines in Alyeska, AK.

I like boards that can do it all well and would rather depend on on board than have a specific board for powder. I believe that a “powder specific” board would outperform the UNW8 in high speed 2500’ descents in 2 feet of fresh, but I ride in daily conditions that are always changing. To have a dependable ride that allows me to learn in all conditions is most of the draw and challenge in the sport to me.  The Amplid UNW8 fills this need as a “one board quiver” for sure."