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White Noise Review -

First Impression

For the White Noise you need muscles to lift it off the rack - the ski is heavy, very solid and very wide for an all-rounder. This looks bad, but after some big turns, forgotten! And there’s an optical treats, the Swallowtails.


Skiing Behaviour On-Piste

As expected, the White Noise does not fall into the slalom-carver category: On the slopes, only middle to long radii are really carving, and these are preferably with some pace. Here it scores with smoothness and edge grip.


Tracked Snow

If you want a smooth ski for all terrain - here it is. However, it demands a skier to have good skills and plenty of power: The White Noise is quite stiff, it blasts through everything, but needs to be skied with physicality and concentration, because it’s not forgiving.


Untracked Snow

In untracked snow the smoothness is also a big plus for the Amplid. Lift and controllability are good, but manoeuvrability is not its strength. With plenty of speed on steep terrain and in big turns across wide-open slopes the White Noise is at home.



Not everybody will enjoy the White Noise; beginners and skiers who like playful easy-skiing planks should take their fingers off it. Straight Line fans with strength and good technique get a balanced and well-matched all-rounder.



Treeruns, playful skiing and short turns? No. 

And for off-piste charging? Everytime! But don’t forget to bring the necessary thighs!


Hit: stability, speed

Miss: agility, treeruns


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