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Versatile and daring, the Ticket ensures epic performance on any terrain:

Park, dust, powder, track.

Complete and versatile personality, wherever you take it. The Ticket changes constantly, adapting to the needs of the moment and remai¬ning true to itself, on all types of snow. It is the board that knows how to do everything and knows how to do it well. This all mountain stick has Benn created from the legendary and award-winning Paradigm as a starting point: it will amaze you, combining an easy-care base and low camber with the result of an economical board, made to last.

It guarantees good handling in curves and on the edge, an easy and intuitive driving, effectively managing different conditions. Accuracy is maintained, as is speed, without the slowness sometimes caused by the transition from edge to edge. Its super light wood core is the industry standard for lightweight, durable and versatile performance.

The small size of the camber offers a precise and lively feel similar to a Pop Camber, but with better performance in deep snow. In Amplid's directional snowboards, a touch of early rise is added to the Cruise Camber to further improve buoyancy. This versatile board is among the most complete, both when turning and in freestyle. Effective wi¬thout being demanding, it is able to conquer a large audience. Epic performance guaranteed.


Reliability and precision, its feeling of control and easy and intuitive riding, lightweight, epic experiences in different snow conditions.