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Snow Surf Review: The Milligram

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The charismatic Milligram split, which has been renewed year after year, will be in the shop until 2023-2024 according to the German brand's "carry over" policy. It is the lightest (with its wood and honeycomb core with carbon reinforcements) and most technical premium split in the Amplid range of 6. This directional board with classic camber is available in four sizes, 153, 158 (25.5 at the skid), 163 and 166.

It benefits from the patented Stratospheric topsheet innovation which prevents the snow from sticking to the top of the skis as soon as the sun hits: it would have been a shame to lose the benefit of the skis' featherweight and to have anchors on your feet when climbing! New, the gummy wall used along the center edge improves the friction of the two halves of the board when they are assembled. Another improvement is that the skins can be attached and detached when assembled thanks to the piercing in the tip, connoisseurs will appreciate this.

A massive performance weapon, the Milligram is a jewel not to be put under every foot: its performance is only matched by its demands, you need to be solid, have a good technical background or at least not forget yourself to get the most out of it. You can tell from the moment you pick it up that the board needs to be accelerated. Uniformly rigid in length and in torsion, it requires presence, but it immediately gives you confidence. It holds the pavement and the curves at Mach 2 with a formidable stability, so much so that it seems longer than it is.

Healthy and balanced, it is best ridden in transfer when you have the technique, but it can also be ridden two feet. If it likes to carve curves on the edge, it is possible to get out of it at any time, and it is a precise board which will put back in the axis in reception of jump of bars. In short, you can give it to her, she can't get enough! Of course, it's a split that has to be earned, a bit tiring (except on the way up!), but with a great performance.

It is the perfect big mountain and steep board for experienced riders who want to go for it without question. For the ascent, its featherweight will make us compete with the pipette tights and swallow the positive difference in altitude with our hands in our pockets! One split, no limits.



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