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SPLITBOARDING.EU: The Amplid Miligram is unchanged top-notch this season. With the Stratospheric Topsheet, it is the most innovative ultralight splitboard on the market. The adjustments to the shape give the board even better powder performance without limiting the other parameters.

With the self-cooling topsheet, Amplid has brought something completely new to the market. Here's what we've been able to observe so far: The differences on the thermal imaging camera were more pronounced than what was seen in reality. We have not yet notice any difference during our tours with the new topsheet. To be fair, it should be mentioned that we have not taken it out yet on a tour with extremely unfavorable conditions regarding extreme icing or sticky snow. We will continue to test it and report back.

In the picture above you can see two Milligrams that we exposed to the sun for about 30 minutes. The board on the left has the new topsheet, the board on the right is from the 19-20 season. Downside to this comparison here, the right board had a black topsheet. Nevertheless, such thermal imaging camera tests that we tried again and again with different boards and topsheets gave similar results. The picture was taken with a Cat S61, the thermal imager has a resolution of 80x60 pixels and measurements can have a tolerance range of up to 5°C. Despite the low accuracy, qualitative differences can still be derived.

Ascent: You can feel that there is less weight. The camber with early rise rocker makes the tips float up, even in deep powder. On hard traverses the edge hold is impressive (of course depending on your boots, binding and your skill).

Descent: For a carbon splitboard, the Milligram is pretty soft, but the turning ability and ride feel makes it a reliable companion for any kind of backcountry touring. Due to the low flywheel mass you have to work more actively with the board on rough terrain and it requires a little more strength in your legs. However, it likes high, wide and steep the best, because this is where the light weight construction plays the biggest role. It is one of the most versatile splitboards on the market. Extremely stable on the edge, it carves superbly, is very lively and pops you nicely out of turns. As they say “Amplid next level riding", with the Miligram you reach a new level.



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