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SURFARI REVIEW: Alternative Freeride Favorites - AKA Short Wide

Check out what the guys at THE GODO RIDE have to say about the Surfari, also in comparison to other boards of this category:

"The Amplid Surfari is an absolute joy to turn. It’s mediumish when it comes to turn initiation for my size 9’s but it’s better than I thought. Once you get the edge committed you can weight your turns any way you want and it really drives well through a front foot weighted turn. Center and back foot weighted is pretty good too. The spring out of a turn is exceptional and it pops so well out of a hard carve. The dampening really helps you carve at higher speeds without it bucking out if you hit a bump. You don’t feel the taper and it almost feels like you are on a non-tapered board when turning..."

Watch the full comparison here: 

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