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The 21/23 Centrifugal Collection

Amplid founder PB presenting the latest 21/23 Centrifugal Boards:

The Amplid Centrifugal Collection - As the names says it already: those boards are meant to play with the centrifugal force. These are boards for the speed-hungry technically advanced all-mountain rider.
Carving big arcs on early morning curdory while laying out trenches is one “core competence” of these boards. But some geometries in this board category are also designed to float really really well in waist deep powder. When I get asked, whether the Centrifugal Boards are a kind of a flagship range where we are showcasing all our latest space age technology?
Well, yes and now. It was never the intention to simply squeeze all the tech we’ve got into one board family. We simply wanted to create the most responsive boards for freeriding, softboot carving and technical freestyle. For that purpose we wanted to build in all that technology. So that showcase range of pure awesomeness was pretty much only the consequence of that project!

All boards are featuring ANTIPHASE, our homegrown vibration dampending technology.The Antiphase-Principle works by introducing isolated materials with a different oscillation phase than fiberglass, into the lay-up. It vibrates with a different frequency and amplitude to fiberglass. Almost instantaneously the oscillations of the vibrating Antiphase are out of sync with the main resonance body - the snowboard - and start disrupting and damping chatter.
This system provides superior chatter damping without adding noticeable weight, and it doesn’t confer a soggy, dead feel like elastomer damping. Crucially, Antiphase allows to utilize nose and tip shapes designed for riding powder on snowboards that rip hard pack.

What else did we build into our boards:

Hex02: We have spaced out the wood core on strategically smart places such has tip and tail and of course between the bindings – where the core is really thick – and replaced it with our honey comb material to safe weight and reduce tip chatter.

3d Crust Buster Nose: On the two models which are designed to be used in powder – the Souly Grail and the Surfari - we have added a 3D design in the nose area to facilitate plowing through crusty or windblown layers, plus it makes turn initiation really smooth!

Sintered Base: All our boards feature a sintered base material with the highest density the market has to offer. We actually revived the zebra-pattern-look from the 80ies in the tip-area.

Carbon stringer: All the board have a tip-to-tail carbon-UB-band placed in the lower laminate, to amplify pop power.

Impact plates: In the binding area we placed precured hardglass plates to avoid those ugly dings and dents from binding pressure.

Now the question is: Which board for which type of rider!?

Upfront I have to add that all these boards within the centrifugal family provide a quite responsive ride – but never too aggressive. The Antiphase System always makes sure, that YOU are in the driver’s seat. I guess we all hate that when the board rides you, instead of you riding the board!

The Pentaquark is THE board for the speed junkie. It has a quite large radius, it’s super stable at higher speed. Imagine early morning corduroy, with zero tourists around: This is where you want to be on this board. I’ve also heard sometimes that “a 158 board is quite short for going fast”… well: The running length is actually quite long, thinking that the board has a very stubby nose, and almost no tail!

The UNW8 has a slightly tapered twin geometry. It is made for people who are searching for more pop, more g-force during and more explosivity when exiting a turn. It’s the perfect all-mountain snowboard for a good rider, who loves to go switch, goes for some laps in the park or in the pipe, and who needs a board which assist to handle fast landings in king size kicker lines as well.

The Surfari can handle well groomed corduroy and icey piste at high speed as well as waist deep powder. The 3D Crust Buster nose helps you to get you safely through windblown or sunbaked areas, and in powder it always wants to float on the surface. It’s one of those models which never gives you the feeling of “having the wrong board today”.

New in this family is the Souly Grail. If you want a bit more sidecut radius than the Surfari, for crankier turns – or for the carving sensation also at a slightly lower speed - this is the board! The tail kick is high enough to handle switch riding, and it also features a 3D Crust Buster Nose. This actually is also my favorite board for banked slalom courses!

If you love a responsive board feel and a stable ride at high speed, then you will find a board in this line, I’m pretty confident!

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