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Photographer, filmmaker and snowboarder Balazs Kovacs has a very own philosophy when it gets to powder shapes. But with Amplid's "Weird Blanks" he can free his mind and turn his weirdest dream shape into reality...

Info on the Weird Blanks:
Measuring 170cm long and 32.5cm wide, this shapeless rectangle of wood and fibreglass is your ticket to limitless deep snow enjoyment. Design your own, custom powder board geometry and then get to work shaping it using a jigsaw, plane and sandpaper. Once you’ve sealed the core with a flexible, hard-wearing lacquer like Yacht varnish, you’ll be ready to go ripping turns.
The Blank Plank Snowboard features Amplid’s S-Rocker camber, a blend of rear foot camber and a long, early-rising nose, for ultimate deep floatation and has the same flex pattern as the legendary Snommelier snowboard. Its extruded base runs fast in powder and soft corn and is easy to repair. Its insert pattern is all you need to find the perfect stance.
All Blank will come with an adhesove protection foil on, which will allow to draw your shape directly onto the topsheet. After your cutting process the protection foil can be peeled off.