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Video: Experience Experience!

When one has been living snowboard design and manufacturing for more than 35 years - can those skills one has acquired during this period be called “experience”? Probably! One thing we know for sure, it’s how we design and manufacture our boards at Amplid: Differently! Therefor we need to bring forth the courage to leave beaten paths, and to question existing raw materials and manufacturing processes. Convincing a factory to break their regular routine and step out of their comfort zone is certainly not the easiest way to do things, but it’s the right way. There wouldn’t be a Milligram Split - Antiphase Dampening - Stratospheric Topsheet - or the Singular Project - if Amplid would not question manufacturing standards on a regular base. 

Watch this Amplid short documentary on their design manifest!

Many thanks to the Playmaker factory team who never spare any effort to implement our complicated design requirements.

Camera: Balazs Kovacs, Daniel Niederkofler, Philipp Kaar, Twinthing Film, Lai Weichu, Mario Käppeli, Andi Baumann, Patrice Aubertel

Editing: Headless Chicken Studios