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Video: The 22/24 Milligram & Millisurf

The Milligram and Millisurf proved that splitboard weight can be dramatically reduced without sacrificing charismatic board-feel, all-conditions capability and durability. Beneath its sleek carbon skin is a weightless core, pieced together from ultra-light wood varieties and honeycomb. Impact Pads protect your shred from dings without a weight penalty. Week-long adventures or a quick after-work dash from the trail head, you’ll soon appreciate the weight advantage. In ride mode it’s so flowing and responsive to rider inputs that it’s easy to forget you’re riding a splitboard. Holes in tip and tail make skin fixing even more convenient. The new “gummy wall” used along the center split sets an end to unnerving crunching and enhances the friction of the two board halves when assembled.

Presented by Amplid founder Peter Bauer

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