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The Pentaquark 2019/20

Why we chose the Amplid Pentaquark Snowboard: Life on the edge doesn’t come faster, smoother or scarier than this.
Amplid founder, Peter Bauer, described his fifteen-year career in snowboard design as the pursuit of the equilibrium between the creative, right side of the brain, and the mathematical left side. In the case of the Pentaquark, it might be the closest he’s come to finding it yet. This is a carving man’s carving board: power; performance; precision; perfection.
The Pentaquark sits among a series of three boards in what Amplid call their ‘Centrifugal Collection’. Everything about it screams high-speed, high-angle riding on the line.
It features a fully positive camber, reinforced with carbon stringers in the tail. It won’t be a forgiving or intuitive ride for many snowboarders and it essentially comes with a ‘minimum entry requirement’. However, for those who’ve been honing the craft of turning for years, even decades, this is your ticket into the big leagues.

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