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Aloha Vibes: The Good Ride Review

Here is what the "GOOD RIDE" guys have to say about the new ALOHA VIBES:

"The Amplid Aloha Vibes is a very tapered and directional board but doesn’t feel that way. Amplid seems to do this with many of their boards.  You feel much more centered on the board and it doesn’t have that tapered/washy feel.

The Amplid Aloha Vibes has a mellow camber that is more pronounced near the tail but then has a pretty long mellow transition into early rise from the front foot to a little before the nose. It tracks very well without feeling unforgiving but it is super wide so kinda hard to skid a turn for smaller boot sizes like mine. Still not a deal breaker though.

The Amplid Aloha Vibes didn’t feel like a 7 out of 10. I would say it felt more like a 5 out of 10 and I personally appreciated that easier flex to boards this wide and stiffer. Very easy to butter for me but also very easy to get this to pop off the small hits I came across on the mtn..."

Watch the full review in the video !



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